Teaching Kids to enjoy Reading

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Teaching Kids to enjoy Reading

The greatest stories of all time are in print. There are even advances in technology for wireless reading devices like Kindle. You can order, download, and read anywhere from these slim, lightweight devices. Whether you read paperbacks, hardbacks, or wireless devices, passing on your love of reading is advantageous to your children. Recommended reading for beginners is Dr. Seuss. My children’s best-loved beginners’ book is Green Eggs and Ham and the Harry Potter books are a phenomenal series that will be enjoyed from elementary school through high school. Whatever books they decide to read just get them reading early and often.

Introduce them to every aspect of literature. Reading to children, and they, seeing you read, will light a spark within them for reading. I read constantly. I read Hemingway, Bukowski, Coetzee, Marquez, Jung, and Ellison. And I'm in the process of passing on my love of reading to my kids.



5/22/2010 12:21:38 PM
Nicetas said:

Very true. But the use of slang, abbreviations

in text messaging, etc, rob the early/beginners

the importance of literary works in self

expressions and growth...parents are the best


5/25/2010 9:43:17 AM
John said:

I agree. Parents are always the best teachers.


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