Complete a Project Together

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Complete a Project Together

Bonding experiences are best realized when two people have to work together to complete a project as opposed to other activities. There are many interesting do-it-yourself projects to choose from that your child would find mind blowing. Google “home projects” or “do-it-yourself” and find some really cool projects. I found how to build a Mailing Tube Wine Rack, Hands-Free Toilet Flusher, Homebrew $30 Air Conditioner, and even how to build a Secret Bookshelf Door on What kid wouldn’t want to complete any of those projects?

If you opt for larger projects like adding a deck or remodelling the basement, then make it fun and have the kids help with picking out materials, measuring, and painting. Document the entire process with photos and build a scrapbook or video and post it on You Tube. After the project is complete congratulate and acknowledge their hard work and assistance by creating a certificate they can hang on their wall or keep in their scrapbook. Memories like these will be shared and cherished with future generations.



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