Introduce your Mentors to your Children

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Introduce your Mentors to your Children

Chances are you didn’t become the man you are alone; I’m sure you had some help. Introduce your children to your mentors. Perhaps they already know a few? So go ahead and let them know who they are and have them share stories of your ups and downs. Humility is a good thing. Children grow up thinking their Daddy is Master of the Universe; while we’re trying to figure everything out from day to day. One of my mentors is Abraham Lincoln. When my daughter is old enough and I explain to her who my mentors, or influences, were she will be able to read and research Lincoln for herself. He may even become a mentor of hers. Part of being a mentor is sharing prior triumphs as well as current struggles.

As we grow our pursuits change and we strive for different goals. If you are currently receiving mentoring from someone at work, the gym, or online let your child partake in some of the conversations – assuming they are age appropriate. Think of the exercise in terms of the Godfather. The entire family was built on mentoring, except in your family no one gets shot.



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