Allowing Children to Grow

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Allowing Children to Grow

Children are like flowers, you can nourish them all you like but until they are let out of the shadows they’ll never grow. Watching our children grow is both satisfying and alarming; two very strong emotions to feel at once. We remember the day we held them in our arms, mended their first wound, listened to their first word, and witnessed them leave for the first day of school. It requires strength and confidence to let our children grow into their own person. Witnessing your child step into the light is a monumental moment, so just remember to let them.

You’ve done your best. You’ve parented from their point of view, become more than a figure head, balanced work and home life, built a lasting relationship, understood them, and was their first mentor. If you feel like you’ve missed something or could have done more with the time you had you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Your children will always need you, especially if you’re the dad I think you’re becoming.



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