Show them a World of Infinite Possibilities

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Show them a World of Infinite Possibilities

“Don’t die with the music still in you” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Your mind is the doorway to infinite possibilities. To quote a cliché, teach your children: “don’t leave anything left in basement.” If they want to see Machu Picchu, then go. If your children want to study in Harvard, then study. If they want to write a novel, then do it. It’s that easy. Every person that has accomplished any of the aforementioned goals started exactly where your children started. They were born, raised, and went out to achieve.

They are no different than Hemmingway, Carnegie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Lincoln. There is nothing holding them back except their lack of willingness to achieve. The reasoning behind some of the previous tips is for our children to be able to accomplish their dreams. They will need to display all of those previous traits to reach their goals. Our children must first realize their dream in their mind, before the universe grants their request.



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