The best part about the last day of summer

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The best part about the last day of summer

The last day of summer is upon us. While most people agree the best time of the year is summer, for me it’s the last days of summer. It’s not just because the leaves are changing or the kids are going back to school after a much needed summer vacation, although all those things are nice, it’s because of fall baseball. After Labor Day baseball seems to take over the sports-minded individual’s attention. Sure football season begins as well, but the first few weeks of football season are riddles with out of shape players being winded and penalties circling their sloppy play. For baseball though the players are thinking about the post season and adding players to the roster. Baseball elevates to a new level after the school bell begins ringing again. What’s the only sad part about fall baseball? Unfortunately it signals that the season is nearly over for most teams. So enjoy the ballpark for a few more weeks and hears to hoping for a speedy winter. For when the snow begins to thaw and the birds return chirping happily baseball will return to us all, and for you beach lovers bringing back summer in its wake.



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