Coaching versus Correcting

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Coaching versus Correcting

We’ve all had experiences with coaches in our lives whether it was with a little league coach, a school teacher or a mentor at work people have influenced our lives in both negative and positive ways. Take some time and separate these people from the good and the bad. The bad people should pop into your head like it happened yesterday. That’s just the way our minds work. Write down those bad experiences and make notes of what you particularly disliked about them. Was the person condescending? Did they smirk when they spoke to you? Did they use big words and made you feel inferior? Jot all those bad things down. Let’s try not to get too negative so focus on the good people or positive experiences. What did these people do or say that kept the experience positive? Did they constantly pump you up? Did they continually point out your good points before they corrected some unproductive habits? Take the time and make some notes.
Now make the same list each time you interact with your child.
Are you more like the bad list, the good list or in between? If you’re not totally on the good list then changes need to be made. Coaching is about positive reinforcement, bringing up the things a child does well before correcting an undesirable habit and encouraging self-efficacy. We’re not all perfect, but we can definitely take the time to make a better life for our children. Good luck.



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