Giving positive treats

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What´s a good treat for kids?

Giving positive treats

As a treat, don't give your kids food or toys too often. Treat them instead with positive actions. Treating with food makes certain foods become almost addictive. For example, if you are constantly treating your kids with ice cream every time they are good, they will associate ice cream with being good. It will then become something that they will indulge in when they are older in order to treat themselves. When they can afford to keep buying it themselves, they can continue to "treat" until it actually becomes a problem. This is the same with toys. Treating too often with toys can set up a desire to buy something in order to treat, which can result later on in compulsive spending patterns. The best things in life are free - love, respect, attention, etc. Reinforce the fact that they are the best things by making them a treat as well as a right.



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